Improve the quality of the grapes in the vineyard


The grape ripening phase will start shortly. The winemakers must now provide the latest nutritional inputs that are essential to achieve not only a good production but also an excellent quality product. Ilsa recommends Ilsakolorado, the liquid organo-mineral fertilizer, which has been studied to favour the ripening processes of the bunch and the berries. Its use improves the final quality of wine production by increasing productivity (weight of the bunch) and improving the quality of the grapes (better accumulation of metabolites in the grapes), while limiting the scalability of the harvest.

It is the result of an innovative technological process that has allowed to combine the highly assimilable mineral nutrients to create bioactive organic components with strong phytostimulant action which have led to the effectiveness and rapidity of action of this product.

The specific potassium / betaine ratio influences the synthesis of sugars and metabolites linked to the organoleptic characteristics that are typical of the vine, encouraging their active translocation towards the berries and their accumulation. It also contributes to prevent the physiopathies and nutritional deficiencies related to potassium. The organic fraction particularly rich in polysaccharides and bioactive plant extracts, instead, performs a complex and protective action, that is, promoting the absorption and the transport of the nutritive elements.

With Ilsakolorado, you can obtain an improvement in the ripening processes of the berries and in the lignification of its tissues. Moreover, it also helps in improving the resistance towards the environmental adversities (thermal, drought, etc.) that are frequent and can cause the withering of grapes.

Ilsakolorado, therefore, stimulates the maturation process and promotes uniformity in the colour of the berries. This makes it possible to anticipate the harvesting period. As a result, along with reducing the time required and the number of steps for collection of the berries, it also reduces the exposure of the bunches to bad weather and possible parasitic attacks.

Ilsakolorado can be mixed with most of the synthetic products available on the market, thus, saving time and money, because of a fewer number of cultivation procedures. Ilsakolorado, if administered regularly in foliar application, increases the synthesis of pigments and aromatic substances responsible for maturation. It also improves the translocation of sugars from the leaves towards the berries and the qualitative and organoleptic characteristics of the grapes (aromas and colour). It prevents diseases, such as discolouration, the necrosis of the leaf margin and the folding of the leaves.

Ilsakolorado should be used by the foliar application at a dose of 2.5-3 (kg/ha). The applications must be carried out in 2 — 3 operations at intervals of 7 — 10 days, starting from the veraison phase.

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