The importance of olive fertilisation


It is by now a well-known fact that fertilisation represents a fundamental agronomic technique to allow a correct vegetative-productive development of the olive tree and of arboreal plants in general. In recent years, the integration of soil enrichment fertilisation with leaf fertilisations is becoming increasingly important, as it allows the plant to be nourished in a balanced way even during periods in which the activity of the root system is less intense, providing essential nutrients for each phenological phase.

ILSA suggests a nutritional Method based on the use of nutritional specialties and bio-stimulants, the result of an integrated process between Research, Innovation and Selection of raw materials, fully respecting the environment and the consumers.

The use during the flowering and fruit setting phases of Ilsac-on in association with Ilsamin Boro, both permitted in organic agriculture, enables stimulating the opening of the flower buds and the formation of the pollen tube, ensuring a good fruit set, even in conditions of environmental stress (temperature changes, rain, late frosts, etc.).

Ilsac-on is a plant-based bio-stimulant obtained from an enzymatic hydrolysis process of the tissues of plants belonging to the Fabaceae family. Fabaceae hydrolysate is rich in saponins, β-aminobutyric and γ-aminobutyric acid, polysaccharides and organic Triacontanol, which stimulates the flowering process and cell multiplication.

Ilsamin Boro is a nutritional specialty based on complexed boron with levorotatory amino acids, obtained from an enzymatic hydrolysis process of the scraps of tanning processing. The formulation favours the formation of the pollen tube and subsequent setting.

From the setting phase to the complete hardening of the core, we suggest the use of Ilsac-on in leaf application together with Etixamin DF and Siliforce, in order to stimulate cell multiplication, nourish the cells and promote the thickening of plant tissues. The three formulas are allowed in organic agriculture.

Etixamin DF is a nutritional specialty with a high content of organic nitrogen (16%) and amino acids, the result of an enzymatic hydrolysis process, which allows preserving the amino acids in their natural structure (the levorotatory one) and obtaining a low salinity fertiliser, thus allowing Etixamin DF to be mixed with most of the products available on the market.

Siliforce is an innovative product in the nutrition sector, as it allows all plants to take advantage of the benefits of silicon in the form of orthosilicic acid Si(OH)4, the only form capable of penetrating the plants. The orthosilicic acid is transported by the lymph, it condenses as a sort of gel and accumulates in the cells of the more superficial tissues of leaves, stems and fruits; allowing to reduce the loss of water from the vegetative organs (fruits and leaves), to increase dry substance and the thickening of the tissues which therefore become more resistant to manipulation and to improve the qualitative characteristics of the fruits (degree Brix, colour and Shelf-life).

We recommend the use of Etixamin BIO-K in combination with Siliforce from the beginning of the veraison period up to ripening in order to favour both the ripening and to obtain drupes which are hardened and resistant to handling. 
Etixamin BIO-K is a nutritional specialty allowed in organic agriculture, with a high potassium content complexed by amino acids obtained from the enzymatic hydrolysis process adopted by ILSA. During plant protection treatments (against moths or flies) and/or in situations of environmental stress (drought, summer temperatures, etc.) we suggest the use of Ilsamin N90 in order to favour the absorption of the active principle into the vegetative organs of the plant and to activate the plant’s response mechanisms to environmental and chemical stresses.

Ilsamin N90 is obtained from an enzymatic hydrolysis process and contains a concentrated pool of free amino acids in a levorotatory form with specific action on the secondary metabolism of the plant. Immediately after harvesting, the replenishment of soil fertility is guaranteed by Elenne Micro Olivo, an organic-mineral pellet fertiliser, ideal for enrichment fertilisation and to build up the plant’s reserves of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur and Boron needed to overcome the winter period and to obtain an improved spring vegetative recovery; moreover, by adding Boron, the buds’ flowering is favoured and therefore the future setting is improved, a fundamental factor for a crop such as the olive tree.

The exclusive formulation process of Elenne Micro Olivo also allows obtaining all the nutritional elements enclosed in each single pellet, thanks to the presence of the organic Agrogel® matrix with a complexing and protective action in favour of the nutritive elements. Thus the loss due to washout or volatilisation of the nutritive elements is avoided and the product is given a high nutritional efficiency even with difficult soil and climate conditions (destructured and/or impoverished soils, alkaline soils, intense rainfall, etc.).

An in-depth analysis on olive tree nutrition:

The prevalent contribution of Nitrogen starting from the post-harvest phase allows, together with Boron, to increase the reserve substances in the vegetative organs. In particular, Boron guarantees pollen germination and pollen tube development in the subsequent blossoming-flowering phase, as well as preventing any plant diseases linked to Boron deficiency (inhibition of cell division and growth arrest, fruit necrosis related to internal tissue degradation, etc.). A good fruit set will thereby be guaranteed.

In conclusion, post-harvest fertilisations, if carried out regularly every year, can reduce the phenomenon of alternating production and guarantee constant production over time.



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