Gelamin®: the unique ILSA matrix base for all liquid, water-soluble and bio-stimulating fertilizers


The enzymatic hydrolysis FCEH completely controlled, a unique process designed by ILSA from which Gelamin®, is obtained, ensures a much higher quality result compared with chemical hydrolysis. In Gelamin®, the fluid gelatine for agricultural use, this process of “soft” and controlled hydrolysis, in all its phases, maintains intact the characteristics and functions of the amino acids it contains, in fact more than 80% may be found in their levorotatory form, the only one recognised by nature.

Therefore, the raw material, collagen, and the highly controlled and specific extraction process allow Gelamin® to stand out in many ways from the other organic fluid matrices which also derive from similar materials of origin such as fleshings, animal leather and skins, present on the market today. The first distinctive feature is the high content of amino acids, equal to 50%, and its distribution among the different types which determines the typical aminogram of Gelamin®.

Diagram 1 shows how Gelamin® contains amino acids in free form or peptides and polypeptides fundamental for plant nutrition (Table 1) which, thanks to their levorotatory form (L-amino acids) can be used as they are in the various physiological processes as they not only favour the plant's vegetative development but also have a bio-stimulating effect by helping the plant to cope with any stress.

Secondly, these amino acids have also a complexing function with other macro, micro and secondary nutritional elements, thus favouring not only their absorption but also increasing their mobility within the plant, whether macro, micro or secondary elements, in their simple or chelated form, therefore reducing the risk of deficiencies.

The third feature is the high chemical-physical stability of this matrix, which does not require salts or other additional compounds to preserve its characteristics over time. This allows Gelamin® to maintain a low electrical conductivity and therefore not to raise the salinity of the nutritive solution if used in fertigation, and not to cause any phytotoxic damage if applied to the leaf even in a mixture with other products for nutrition or defence.

Diagram 1: Typical aminogram of Gelamin®, expressed as a % of the individual amino acids of the total

Table 1: Role of the different amino acids in plant physiology

In conclusion, the benefits that the farmer can obtain from using Gelamin®-based products are:

  • obtaining higher yields in terms of quantity and quality, not only when the climate is favourable to the development of the crop but also when stress conditions occur, such as too high or too low temperatures or lack of water, with a consequent stable increase in income;
  • the possibility of carrying out multi-functional interventions (defence and nutrition) and therefore of reducing production costs.

All the details concerning our nutritional products with specific and bio-stimulant action containing Gelamin® are available on the website www.ilsagroup.com in the PRODUCTS section. By consulting the website, you will also be able to discover the full range of ILSA products and by registering, to receive in-depth technical documentation.