The right Nutrition for Apple and Pear orchards


In summer, when peaches, apricots and cherries are already on the markets, only the earliest varieties of apples and pears are ready to be traded.  For them, this is the beginning of the most important phase for their optimal growth and, in this moment, nutrition interventions must be calibrated to obtain a good qualitative and quantitative harvest. Furthermore, the resistance of the fruit to handling, its compactness and ability to preserve these characteristics overtime are critical success factors for quality.

To achieve these objectives, it is necessary to work correctly with nutrition throughout the crop cycle, particularly during the growth phase. In this period, foliar applications of meso and macroelements (and of organic molecules with a stimulating action on the metabolism of the plant) are often combined with pesticide treatments to lead to optimal fruit growth and the biosynthesis of compounds responsible for the compactness, colour and flavour of the fruit.

For years, ILSA has been offering liquid nutritional specialties based on Gelamin® (protein matrix with a high content of free amino acids) and biostimulants of plant origin (rich in natural triacontanol, saponins, vitamins, etc.), obtained through the innovative process of completely natural and totally sustainable Controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis (FCEH®) for balanced nutrition in  apple and pear trees. 

Among the nutritional specialties used for the fruit growth phase, ILSA recommends Ilsamin Calcio, Ilsamin CaMg and Etixamin Bio-K, all of which provide protein nitrogen (which must never be excessive in this phase), in the form of free amino acids and peptides, together with meso and macroelements. These are rapidly absorbed and assimilated at the leaf level, exerting a stimulating and nourishing action on the plant's metabolism to increase the size of the fruit.

The presence of Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium simultaneously increases the quality of production and avoids the appearance of nutritional physiopathies such as “bitter pit” or cracking of fruits. In addition, the use of biostimulating products such as IlsaC-on, Siliforce and Ilsakolorado offers extraordinary results in terms of fruit growth thanks to the contribution of natural Triacontanol, Silicon, Potassium and other bioactive organic compounds.

These result in a thickening of the tissues in the process of formation, a reduction in the fruit drop, increase in dry matter and a general improvement in the qualitative characteristics of the fruits.  These favour a greater accumulation of sugars in fruits, a reduction in transpiration and an increase in the consistency of the pulp as well as activating the plant's tolerance mechanisms to abiotic stress.

All ILSA nutritional specialties and biostimulants are perfectly miscible with marketplace pesticides and fertilizers and used at low dosages, allowing farmers to obtain excellent productions with the utmost respect for the ecosystem and people.

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