ILSA and its approach to Organic Agriculture


The growth in demand for organic food has led to an increase in the production of BIO-labelled products. Italy is a European leader in the number of companies that grow organic crops; moreover, topics such as food safety, pollution reduction and safeguarding the ecosystem are gaining increasing attention from Italian consumers. Furthermore, the European agricultural world was the first to trace a new path, setting itself the goal of reducing, and in some cases banning, the use of formulations with a strong environmental and residual impact, whilst knowing full well that the farmer’s economic profit is closely linked to both the quality and quantity of agricultural production.

ILSA’s experience and commitment in creating effective and quality products have enabled the achievement of an important goal: organic products. The broad range of fertilisers allowed in organic farming which ILSA offers includes organic fertilisers, nutritional specialties and bio-stimulants based on nutrients, bioactive organic plant stimulating-based molecules because ILSA believes that respect for nature and for consumers always comes first.

Constantly committed to defending the environment and to protecting our natural heritage, ILSA was the first Italian company to propose fertilisation techniques with low environmental impact, through the use of organic fertilisers allowed in organic cultivation, which are applied by means of soil distribution, fertigation and leaf application, thus becoming a point of reference for industry operators over the years. ILSA, which has always supported agronomic techniques which respect the environment and has collaborated for years with the main institutions in the organic sector (Italian and Foreign Universities, Control and Experimental Bodies, etc.), has directed its experience to the study of nutritional formulas and bio-stimulants which are capable of combining great effectiveness and quality, features which have always distinguished the ILSA products, with the necessary attention towards respecting and preserving the natural characteristics of the soil, whose good condition is essential for the development of new crops.

Since 1956, all ILSA formulations have been created according to innovative production processes, completely natural and with low environmental impact. Processes which only ILSA possesses within the fertiliser production industry. Just to name a few: Thermobaric, Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Supercritical CO2 extraction. Completely natural raw materials, nutritional products and bio-stimulants which are allowed in organic farming are obtained from these production processes. Industry farmers and technicians can find a broad range of effective and safe nutritional solutions in the two ILSA catalogues - Nutrition & Bio-stimulation -, in order to implement complete and effective nutritional programs, which can be applied to any agronomic crop and objective.  

Visit our website www.ilsagroup.com and discover the range of Bio-stimulants and fertilisers based on AGROGEL®, GELAMIN® and IDROLIZZATI DI FABACEAE® (Fabaceae-based Hydrolysed Products).

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